Interfaith Encounters - General Study Sessions

Together Celebrating the Festival of Lights - Karmiel-Majd el-Krum Interfaith Encounter - 13th December 2006:

In the encounter that took place on Wednesday, December 13th 2006, participated 35 educators from Kalanit School in Karmiel and A-Sallam School in Majd el-Krum.

The encounter began with greetings from the two School Principals, Ms. Osnat Aram and Ms. Najeeba Sirhan, who spoke about joint life and joint citizenship. If there is happiness it is for all of us and if there is pain it is also for all of us. There is no difference between an Arab and a Jew. We felt it during the last war when Majd el-Krum was hit by missiles and lost people and, in parallel, karmiel too was hit by missiles and people were killed in it. Therefore we will continue together, whether in pain and sorrow as well as in happiness and prosperity.

Then Rama, the Vice-Principal from Karmiel, displayed a presentation about the Festival of Chanukah – why it is celebrated, what customs exist in the festival etc…

In the third part we lit the candles together and ate the traditional donuts.

Altogether the encounter had a very pleasant atmosphere that consolidated the team more and more.

A-Sallam School presented a gift to the Kalanit team at the end of the encounter and wished them a happy, quiet and peaceful Holiday.

Reported by Najeeba Sirhan

Group's coordinators: Najeeba Sirhan and Osnat Aram-Daphna

(* We are grateful to the Embassy of the United States of America to the State of Israel for their support for this program)

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